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Go Caffè Black Selection

Go Caffè Black Selection

The Go Caffè line stems from the pursuit of excellence. It has been created for those who want to taste the best of coffee. A very high quality blend created with the best Arabica coffees for a cup with notable aftertaste, a tiger-striped appearance and a sweet and persistent taste. The perfect choice for a high level coffee point or catering business which, by dedicating the appropriate care and knowledge to this coffee so it achieves its full potential, can offer customers an exclusive cup that leaves an unforgettable memory.​

• Tasting notes •

​​Creaminess ​​
Intensity ​​
Body ​​
​Sweetness ​​

• Packaging & palletization •


1000 g modified atmosphere packaging (beans)

6 kg pack | 504 kg pallet


500 g modified atmosphere packaging (beans)

10 kg pack | 400 kg pallet


250 g open&close (ground)

8 kg pack | 320 kg pallet