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About us

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GorizianaEesti is an official distributer in Estonia of Italian company “Torrefazione Goriziana Srl” that over 40-ty years presents the Gold Standard of Italian Coffee Roasting.

For our private clients we offer the wide range of products – coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules and different gadgets.

We are specialized in the HORECA segment, supplying bars, restaurants, hotels with the best Italian coffee.

We always have in stock in Tallinn our best blends, that could be delivered in a short time to our clients.

Together with you we could create an exclusive blend for your company by Private Lable Service.

We also offer rent and buy service for Italian handmade coffee machines CBC Royal and Catering service for any types of events.

We will be glad to have an opportunity to present you our products.

Our Products

Goriziana Caffe
Goriziana Caffè

Our company is named after this line, which includes a variety of blends for all situations and in all formats.


Go Caffe
Go Caffè

The Goriziana line has developed a special gourmet line for the most demanding palates. High quality with a refined taste.​


Extra Gadgets

We offer a range of coffee accessories under our own brand.


Coldbrew Coffee

The coffee grind is coarse and the brew is never hot water.


About Goriziana

Torrefazione Goriziana was set up in 1967 in a small laboratory in Gorizia. In 1994 Crobe and Rogelja families joined forces in a noble enterprise, the creation of an Italian product par excellence: the espresso. With two generations of roasters and almost fifty years of experience, we work consistently to ensure our customers the finest and most delicious blends. The original artisan production has developed over the years with the introduction of sophisticated systems and modern machinery, but the aroma and taste of the coffee have remained the same thanks to the quality of the roasting which preserves artisan traditions.

Run by Mitja Rogelja and Antonio Crobe, Torrefazione Goriziana has continuously evolved over the years to become the most important coffee roasting company in the Isontino region, one of the most appreciated in Europe and found in over 30 countries throughout the world.

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